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Online with the FortiGate 60B

I previously wrote about receiving a FortiGate 60B in a pile of unwanted hardware.  Turns out it works great!  I have replaced the router I was using at home with the FGT-60B, and so far everything appears to work as I had hoped.

With the 30-day trial for antivirus, intrusion protection, and email protection, the FGT-60B is now protecting my internal network from outside attacks and junk emails.  This will reduce the load on my servers, and keep more junk email from being delivered to the accounts I host locally.  The next step will be to sign up and pay for a year’s worth of UTM updates for the device through a FortiNet partner.  Time to shop around!

In addition to all the cool protection from malware and junk email, I can also separate my server network from my home network for a little more protection.  I still have another interface that I am considering using for a wifi-hotspot for my immediate neighborhood.  That’s a whole different project, though.  :-)